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  • Brother Japan to release a $1,100 "document reader"

    In March last year, we covered the SV-100, a monochrome, A4-sized “document reader” made by Brother that never found its way outside Japan. Mainly targeting business users, the device went on sale in this country in June 2009 for $1,450. And next week, Brother is going to roll out the SV-70 [JP], a new version, which is again Japan-only (at this point, at least). Read More

  • Brother rolls out A4-sized e-document reader

    Amazon’s Kindle isn’t available in Japan and nobody over here bought the Sony Reader (Sony stopped sales over here already). Japanese people love reading (and even writing) stuff on their mobile phones too much. But now Brother is trying to at least get business people interested in a document reader, their SV-100B the company introduced today [JP]. Read More