Qiuqiu, The Location-based Discovery Engine For Android Applications

Google's official Android Market is not available in China, leading to a plethora of independent markets - over 70 at last count. The system works - sort of - but users may find it annoying because yo

Up Close With Two Disrupt BJ Hackathon Winners

Although most of the Hackathon Hackers escaped before we could interview them, we corralled two interesting groups backstage and asked them about their products and experience at TechCrunch Disrupt Be

TechCrunch Disrupt Beijing Hackathon: The Night Shift

It's 12:49 am at the TechCrunch <a href="http://disrupt.beta.techcrunch.com/BJ2011/hackathon/">Disrupt Beijing Hackathon</a>; Unlike any other hackathon I've attended, the late night hacker snacks her

(Sort Of) Live From The Beijing Hackathon: We Talk To The Hackers

Our own Greg Kumparak walked through the Hackathon Hall this evening, talking to all and sundry about their projects. Some notable hacks included an app for the ladies. How does it work? In Asia, guys

Meet The Disrupt BJ Hackathon Hackers

And we're off! These are some of our Hackathon Hackers, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to hack here at TC Disrupt BJ. We tried our hardest to grab some great folks and it's a pleasure working

The TechCrunch Hackathon Beijing Is About To Begin #disruptbj

We're about fifteen minutes away from the start of Disrupt Hackathon Beijing and it looks like we have about 350 people on the floor and teams are forming now. It will be interesting to see what folks