• Lifeblob's Redesign Takes Social Timelines To The Next Level (Invites)

    Social timelines are going mainstream (see AOL/Bebo), but startups are pushing them to the next level. Today, Lifeblob, the Indian startup working on ways for you to visualize your life on the net, is introducing a refreshed version of its social timeline creation tool. With it, you can easily patch together a visual representation of your life’s most memorable moments by… Read More

  • Another Way To Follow The Campaign: Dipity's Election Center Timelines

    Want to follow every Tweet, blog post, YouTube video and Flickr photo put out by the Obama or McCain camps? Now you can follow the campaigns in a handy Dipity Election Center timeline. Using its latest Dipity 2.0 timeline mashup, the Election Center places each entry on a timeline that you can scroll through. Click on an entry, and a box opens to show you more detailed information. You… Read More

  • Dipity 2.0: It's Like A Timeline View For FriendFeed (And It's Fun)

    Dipity, a timeline-based lifestreaming aggregator, has launched its 2.0 release to the public. The new release includes a variety of new social features that have turned Dipity into a viable alternative to FriendFeed and other lifestreaming services, as well as a replacement for standard RSS readers. Dipity revolves around powerful timelines built in AJAX, which intuitively display content… Read More

  • TimeTube: The Timeline That YouTube Should Build

    TimeTube is a new mashup from Dipity, the interactive timeline site, that takes the mostly unsorted mess of videos that is YouTube and arranges them by date, offering a useful (and often unexpected) perspective on recent events. Links to each video are situated across a horizontal timeline, with emphasis placed on the most popular videos (they appear bigger). Users can expand or contract… Read More