• HIDEOTO: Stylish gadget to digitize your old cassettes

    Remember cassettes? In case you are one of the people who still owns tapes and now wants to digitize the content for eternity, the so-called HIDEOTO might be the right thing for you. It’s not the first gadget out there that can get the job done, but it’s certainly the most compact and stylish we’ve shown you so far. Read More

  • Pitrec: Handheld to digitize business cards

    It’s 2010, and we’re still exchanging printed business cards. There are quite a few solutions to digitize the cards, but most existing scanners, for example, aren’t practical enough. This is where Pitrec [JP], a new handheld for digitizing business cards made by Japanese stationery maker King Jim, comes in. Read More

  • The Novac NV-CR001U digitizes music cassettes and LPs

    It’s not the first device of its kind, but it’s pretty cheap and compact: Japan-based Novac announced [JP] the NV-CR001U today, a player for both LPs and cassettes that helps to digitize music stored on those media (almost) hassle-free. Read More