dell mini

  • CrunchDeals: Dell Mini 9 for $199, today only

    Happy Friday, deal hunters. You can pick up a Dell Mini 9 netbook for $199 today. Can’t you find a little extra room near your couch for an inexpensive netbook? Won’t you give the Mini 9 a decent home?! Read More

  • Dell Mini 10 spotted in the UK

    As netbooks go, Dell has the Mini 9 and the Mini 12. Now it appears that the Mini 10, as shown at CES, has quietly emerged in the UK. You can buy it from Tesco for £349.00 if you’re not down with the 9- or 12-inch versions. Read More

  • Touchscreen hack for the Dell Mini 9

    Some peeps love touchscreens and the Dell Mini 9 is the latest netbook to receive the upgrade. By using the USB lines from the Mini 9s PCI-e pins, the mod nerd semi-permanently attached an Ebay-purchased touchscreen. The results shown above are a bit janky, but at least it works. Definitely not prime-time ready, but still, kind of neat in a nerdy way. source via jkkmobile Read More

  • The Dell Mini finds its artsy side

    There is no doubt that the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 and 12 are hot netbooks, but the standard digs are just a little too Dell. You know what we mean. Even the new pink and red models are still a bit pedestrian. But these new lid designs will certainly scream, “Look at me! I have a sweet mini-laptop and I’m in a coffee shop!” Available now. Read More

  • Dell Mini 12 netbook starts at $549 with no option to upgrade RAM and Vista Home Basic as the only OS

    Aw, man. Good news, bad news. The good news is that the Dell Mini 12 is now available. The bad news is that it starts at $549, the one gigabyte of RAM isn’t upgradeable, and your only choice for an operating system is Vista Home Basic. There are three models available for $549, $599, and $678, respectively. The lowest-end has a 1.33GHz Atom CPU, 40GB hard drive, and a three cell battery. Read More