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X-Wing Squadron Seeks $11M On Kickstarter For Measured Response To Funding Of Intergalactic Weapon

The Death Star may be well on its way to Kickstarter success, with £224,596 pledged out of total £20,000,000 goal, but its construction won't go unopposed. Rebel forces have rallied to crowdfund a m

Open Source Death Star Hits Kickstarter After Government Foolishly Refuses To Build One

The Death Star is undoubtedly a worthwhile undertaking. Sure, in the Star Wars films it's generally depicted as an offensive weapon but it could have terrific value as a defensive platform, too. The g

Sega Toys' R2-D2 Homestar Planetarium Shows The Death Star

<img src="" /> Second Sega Toys <a href="">Homestar</a> Planetarium news it

Build your own Death Star from the blueprints

<img src="" />Now you can get the Death Star plans without having to depending on those Bothan spies. Some enterprising pub

Video: The Death Star vs the USS Enterprise

<img src="">It looks like we have an answer in the endless Star Wars vs Star Trek debate. If the USS Enterprise showed up in Im