dead space 2

  • Inside Dead Space 2

    In the long, nearly endless battle against the idea that video games are a narrative art, there are a few games that really stand out as positive examples of the genre. Most recently, the Dead Space titles have shown the world that you can actually care about the meat-headed hero in an interactive space opera, an important facet to the growth of this media in terms of universality and… Read More

  • You Need Some Dead Space 2 In Your Life

    Cue Smashing Pumpkins and let the face-tearing alien space horror show begin. Well, on January 25th when the game drops. Read More

  • Video: Dead Space 2 has a teaser trailer

    Well lookie here, a teaser trailer for Dead Space 2. PC users will have to disable V-Sync in order to play it. (That’s a joke, people.) Read More