• Cyberpunks Rejoice: Kickstarter Project Aims To Resurrect Shadowrun

    Cyberpunks Rejoice: Kickstarter Project Aims To Resurrect Shadowrun

    If you spent any time in high school thinking about ley lines and bio-implants, you were probably a Shadowrun player. The game, which petered out after a disastrous run as a PC/Xbox game in 2007, brought the high-tech of William Gibson to the magical realms of Mr. Gygax. It was, in short, pretty cool. A Kickstarter project aims to bring back all that fun in video game form, adding lots of what… Read More

  • Wizards of the Coast sue over pirated D&D Player's Handbook

    So here’s a tough one. Some kids posted a copy of the Dungeons and Dragons Player’s Handbook 2 on Scribd.com and it was viewed more than 4,000 times and potentially downloaded about 2,600 times. They also found that a nice Polish boy, Krysztof, who posted copies of some modules. The defendants are based in Florida, the Philipines, and Polska. Read More

  • Christmas Memory ™: D&D by myself

    I was a bad nerd. I wanted to do all the nerd things – program, play D&D, read fantasy – but I was no good at BASIC, didn’t have any friends, and for some reason I could never get into hardcore fantasy sci-fi novels. Every Christmas we’d go to my grandmother’s house in Martins Ferry, Ohio, a little town outside of Wheeling, West Virginia and every… Read More

  • Wired compiles list of celebs as if they were D&D characters; Gary Gygax rolling perfect 20s in his grave

    Having reported on all the news in the tech world the good people from Wired have compiled a list of a few popular celebrities and had its readers score them as if they were D&D characters. No, really, they get paid to do this. It’s entertaining, but kind of juvenile. Maybe we should offer them work here. Read More

  • Suit of plate armor found at Salem bus stop

    [photopress:Original.jpg,full,center] If you’re in Salem, Oregon, and you left a full freakin’ suit of armor at a bus stop, the local police would like to have a word with you. You’ll need some proof of ownership to claim it. Really, though, if you lose a suit of armor, you don’t deserve a suit of armor. Read More

  • MIT gets giant 20-sided die in memory of Gary Gygax

    [photopress:gygax_1.jpg,full,center] Call me old-fashioned, but this is what a tribute is supposed to look like. RIP, Dungeonmaster. Read More

  • The best D&D flowchart I ever have seen

    Click the image above to see the whole thing. I’m crying because it’s so true. NYT [via Kottke] Read More

  • RIP: Gary Gygax, inventor of modern role playing, dead at 69

    [photopress:gygax.jpg,full,center] One of the worst parts about this job is writing about great figures in geekdom who pass on. Today is especially hard, as I have to bring news that Gary Gygax died earlier this morning. Gygax was the co-creator and driving force behind Dungeons & Dragons, arguably the most important tabletop game ever made. The Dungeon Master’s Dungeon Master had… Read More

  • Whorelore: Just for all of us

    The Village Voice has a cool interview with Dez, former Gonzo porn producer/performer who now makes week-long wizards and elves porn epics starring ladies dress up like halflings. I, ummm, watched one a little while back and it involved lots of SCA fighting, a woman painted green “milking” herself, and elf sex. Seriously. It doesn’t get much better than that to a group of… Read More

  • D&D's new online version leaked to Boing Boing; I'm excited

    [photopress:screenshot_DDI_Dungeon_PR_t.jpg,full,center] The rumors are true, I play D&D. Not as much as I’d like, I’m a busy blogger, but I whip it out when I get the time and a few like minded friends. It’s fun to play the game with girls and drink beer, trust me. Sadly, the days of paper and dice are likely going away forever. Wizards of the Coast leaked these… Read More

  • D&D Themed Messenger Bag Probably Doesn't Suck

    us geeks. It’s called the Bag of Holding, and it’s logo has a 20-sided die. That’s a D&D reference, a Bag of Holding being a magical bag that can hold more inside than physically possible, via magic. For example, you could hide an entire suit of +3 Chain Mail in a purse-sized bag, and not suffer any penalties to your Encumbrance score. Now, we could be like every other… Read More