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Europe proposes rules for fair access to connected device data

The European Union has proposed an interesting addition to its fast updating digital rulebook today: The Data Act slots into an already ambitious digital policy framework with the goal of bringing cla

EU lawmakers agree data reuse rules to foster AI and R&D

It’s just over a year since the European Union’s executive proposed legislation aimed at encouraging widespread sharing and reuse of industrial data and protected public sector data-sets &

Europe sets out plan to boost data reuse and regulate ‘high risk’ AIs

European Union lawmakers have set out a first bundle of proposals for a new digital strategy for the bloc, one that’s intended to drive digitalization across all industries and sectors — a

How APIs Help Us Comprehend The Infinite Concept Of Data

Data is like oil. It only has a future value just sitting in a big pool. “Pure data,” as my fellow panelists said Friday night at API Days, has not proven to have much market play. I agree