• McAfee's list of dangerous search terms: lyrics, videos, games (oh my)

    Here’s a tip for you on this endless Friday: if you don’t want a computer virus then don’t search for lyrics. It turns out that the search term “lyrics” is a dangerous one, and carries a maximum risk percentage of 26.3 percent in McAfee’s little danger-o-meter or whatever. That is to say 26 out of every 100 Web sites that pop up when you search for… Read More

  • Wi-Fi Could Be Dangerous To Your Health (But What Isn't?)

    The Independent has a nice doom and gloom piece today, reporting that Wi-Fi could be more damaging to your health than cellphones are (which assumes that cellphones are, in fact, dangerous). And since Wi-Fi is everywhere, we’re all at risk. Never mind that radio waves have saturated the atmosphere for many, many years now and I haven’t seen any zombies running around yet. The crux… Read More