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  • Daily Crunch: Recovery

    Daily Crunch: Recovery

    Here are some of yesterday’s posts on TechCrunch Gadgets: Read More

  • George Lucas Turns Daily Show Star Into Storm Trooper

    While it is my understanding that playing with the actual Jon Stewart is not safe for children over four years of age, it appears that playing with his Star Wars action figure is just fine. This amazing action figure, made specifically for Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando, was created for presenter Jon Stewart by George Lucas. Needless to say this is not part of canon and is not for… Read More

  • Hulu, Colbert, And The Recentralization Of Video On The Web

    Hulu, Colbert, And The Recentralization Of Video On The Web

    When Hulu first launched, it was supposed to be the media industry’s answer to YouTube: a place where shows and movies from TV would find an audience online and make advertising money directly for the media companies backing it instead of sharing any of that video ad money with YouTube. All that professional quality video from NBC, Fox, and Comedy Central brought in a huge audience… Read More

  • Bill Gates hangin' with Mr. Stewart

    Even the Daily Show is fair and balanced! Jon Stewart interview Bill Gates last night and it was pretty interesting. When Gates isn’t trying to sell his company anymore he’s very mild-mannered and delightfully polite. Plus he dances like Pauly-D. Read More

  • The Daily Show: "My Stalker Just Grunted On My Twitter"

    One sure sign that your product is entering mainstream consciousness is when Jon Stewart makes fun of it on The Daily Show. That happened to Twitter last night. I’m sure most of you have already seen the Twitter segment, but in case you haven’t, it is embedded above. Jon Stewart plays the frustrated old man shaking his fist at useless new technology, while reporter Samantha Bee… Read More

  • Bill Gates on The Daily Show Humping for Vista

    http://www.comedycentral.com/motherload/syndicated_player/index.jhtml You don’t need any silly blogger to convince you that Vista is by and far the best Windows operating system yet. No, you need Microsoft’s chairman Bill Gates, who sat down last night with the Daily Show’s John Stewart for quite awhile and discussed the OS, as well as password protection and that pesky… Read More