UnitedHealth says Change Healthcare hacked by nation-state, as US pharmacy outages drag on

U.S. health insurance giant UnitedHealth Group (UHG) said Thursday in a filing with government regulators that its subsidiary Change Healthcare was compromised, likely by government-backed hackers. In

US health tech giant Change Healthcare hit by cyberattack

U.S. healthcare technology giant Change Healthcare has confirmed a cyberattack on its systems. In a brief statement Wednesday, the company said it was “experiencing a network interruption relate

US sanctions LockBit members after ransomware takedown

The U.S. government has sanctioned two key members of LockBit, the Russian-speaking hacking and extortion gang accused of launching ransomware attacks against victims across the U.S. and international

UK utility giant Southern Water says hackers stole personal data of hundreds of thousands of customers

U.K.-based water utility Southern Water has confirmed that hackers stole the personal data of as many as 470,000 customers in a recent data breach. Southern Water, which provides water and wastewater

ICO confirms data breach probe as UK councils remain downed by cyberattack

Three local councils in the United Kingdom continue to experience disruption to their online services, a week after confirming a cyberattack had knocked some systems offline. The councils for Canterbu

Microsoft says Russian hackers also targeted other organizations

On Friday, Microsoft revealed that it had been the victim of a hack carried out by Russian government spies. Now, a week later, the technology giant said that it was not the only target of the espiona

23andMe admits it didn’t detect cyberattacks for months

In a data breach notification letter filed with regulators this weekend, 23andMe revealed that hackers started breaking into customers’ accounts in April 2023 and continued through most of September

LoanDepot says 16.6M customers had ‘sensitive personal’ information stolen in cyberattack

About 16.6 million LoanDepot customers had their “sensitive personal” information” stolen in a cyberattack earlier this month, which the loan and mortgage giant has described as a ra

Cyberattack targeting UK councils causes online disruption

Three councils in the United Kingdom have taken some of their public-facing systems offline due to an ongoing cybersecurity issue. Canterbury City Council, Dover District Council, and Thanet District

LoanDepot outage drags into second week after ransomware attack

LoanDepot customers say they have been unable to make mortgage payments or access their online accounts following a suspected ransomware attack on the company last week. The mortgage and loan giant sa

Vans, Supreme owner VF Corp says hackers stole 35 million customers’ personal data

VF Corp., the parent company of the popular apparel brands Vans, Supreme, and The North Face, said Thursday that hackers stole the personal data of 35.5 million customers in a December cyberattack. Th

Google says Russian espionage crew behind new malware campaign

Google researchers say they have evidence that a notorious Russian-linked hacking group — tracked as “Cold River” — is evolving its tactics beyond phishing to target victims with data-stealing

Texas-based care provider HMG Healthcare says hackers stole unencrypted patient data

Texas-based care provider HMG Healthcare has confirmed that hackers accessed the personal data of residents and employees, but says it has been unable to determine what types of data were stolen. HMG

Fidelity National Financial says hackers stole data on 1.3 million customers

Real estate services giant Fidelity National Financial has confirmed hackers stole data on 1.3 million of its customers during a November cyberattack that knocked the company offline for a week. FNF s

LoanDepot hit by suspected ransomware attack

Mortgage and loan giant LoanDepot said Monday it is experiencing a cyberattack and that it’s “working diligently to restore normal business operations as quickly as possible.” The Ir

Law firm that handles data breaches was hit by data breach

An international law firm that works with companies affected by security incidents has experienced its own cyberattack that exposed the sensitive health information of hundreds of thousands of data br

It’s not all doom and gloom: When cybersecurity gave us hope in 2023

A funny — but true — joke at TechCrunch is that the security desk might as well be called the Department of Bad News, since, well, have you seen what we’ve covered of late? There is a never-

CBS, Paramount owner National Amusements says it was hacked

National Amusements, the cinema chain and corporate parent giant of media giants Paramount and CBS, has confirmed it experienced a data breach in which hackers stole the personal information of tens o

Authorities claim seizure of notorious ALPHV ransomware gang’s dark web leak site

An international group of law enforcement agencies has seized the dark web leak site of the notorious ransomware gang known as ALPHV, or BlackCat. “The Federal Bureau of Investigation seized thi

Comcast says hackers stole data of close to 36 million Xfinity customers

Comcast has confirmed that hackers exploiting a critical-rated security vulnerability accessed the sensitive information of almost 36 million Xfinity customers. This vulnerability, known as “CitrixB
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