• PDA Cufflinks make you a Smartphone dressed man

    Any one out there still wear shirts that use cufflinks? Yes? Well what do I know, as a blogger I rarely put pants on, much less wear a shirt with a collar or anything that needs cufflinks. If you dress better then me, you’re probably going to want to check these out – smartphone cufflinks for the sharply dressed geek. Read More

  • Guitar Hero cufflinks leave no doubt that you're really into not playing real instruments

    If you refuse to take up real instruments but insist on showing your love for Guitar Hero or Rock Band AND you have to wear a nice suit or a tuxedo more than two or three times each year, might I suggest these $50 Guitar Video Game Cufflinks? Read More

  • Cufflinks unite!!!

    Just because you have to actually put on some nice digs once in a while doesn’t mean that you have to forgo your inner geekdom. These Transformers cufflinks are great. Wear ’em to your prom. Wear ’em to wedding. Wear ’em to your funeral. Just don’t wear ’em to Comic-Con; cufflinks and cosplay don’t look right together. Read More

  • Geek Out Your Dad For Father's Day

    Looking for a way to show your pops that you care and that you think he’s a big ol’ tech geek at the same time? Stop over at and check out its list of Father’s Day gifts. Featured are a number of accessories including duct-tape wallets, unique digital watches, a solar-powered messenger bag, keychains, tie tacks and cufflinks like the ones pictured above. Read More