crunchgear in china

  • CrunchGear in China: Shanzhai Market

    The cellphone market in Shenzhen is like a flea market where everyone is selling the same thing. If it looks like an iPhone, it’s here. There are hundreds of models, hundreds of odd names, and hundreds of people arrayed along the inside of a huge room. There are four or five floors of this mess. This is the Shanzhai market. Read More

  • CrunchGear in China: The Factory

    This is part one of a series of four articles. Read the rest here:
    Getting From There To Here
    The Ex-Pats
    Shanzhai Market The driver pulled up to a small office complex in the heart of the city and beckoned us into the back of his scuffed white van. The surface of the vehicle was caked in dust and the seats, clad in new blue velvet, were sized for someone much smaller. I curled up in the back… Read More