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  • Digital TV converter coupons running out

    As we quickly approach the Dec. 31st deadline to order a $40 TV converter box coupon, last-minute coupon requests are quickly depleting the subsidy program funds. Read More

  • Winegard releasing a battery-powered DTV converter box

    What a novel idea; a battery-powered DTV converter box. I believe this is the first of it’s kind and I’m thankfully Winegard has developed the little bugger. With analog broadcasts going black on February 17, a lot of folks backup TVs are not going to work without a DTV box. The details are still a little grey on the converter itself, but it seems like there is going to be an… Read More

  • Old rooftop antennae pose problem for would-be digital TV viewers

    Flickr’d Post 900 about the upcoming transition to all-digital TV next February. Folks who live in apartment buildings with a shared, rooftop antenna should be concerned. Since the new digital transmissions will be going out over UHF—most rooftop antennae are VHF-only—they’re going to have to convince they’re landlord or building owner or whatever to make sure… Read More