The Tick-Tock: When Big Names Leave, Who Wins?

This story dropped a few days ago but it seemed like a good choice to share on a lazy Sunday and the topic is something that's been kicking around in the old sub-conscious for a while. Jim Romenseko h

The G1: Almost perfect

The G1 event has come and gone and it looks like we’re seeing an epic paradigm shift in the mobile space. iPhone started the ball rolling and Android is about the finish the job. The change? Pho

Robots with guns: The ethical dilemma

I am but a toy! I was at the show today talking to some folks about the current crop of military robots from people like Foster-Miller and even iRobot. These are robots deployed by the army to handle

Apple's market share and the curse of success

Apple’s PC/laptop market share is now 20% in the US and 10% worldwide. That’s cause for celebration, right? The underdog, the computer for weenies and artists, is making inroads in the mai

Smartphones Now: The State of the Smartphone Union

It’s been a boring year for smartphones, sadly enough. Nothing evolutionary happened — the iPhone? It’s not a smartphone… yet — and the same old gang circled around the s

Halo and the terrorist mind-set

Clive “The Garanimal” Thompson doesn’t have a lot of time to play Halo 3 and, as a result, gets killed a lot in Live play. However, instead of giving up and going to play Parcheesi,

The Wii Is Really Just A GameCube 1.5

We all know the Nintendo Wii is the least-powerful next-gen console, but Microsoft’s Robbie Bach won’t have any of that. He’s hellbent on tearing the Wii up and claims that the Wii i

The Shades of Gray: Why Jack Thompson is Wrong… But So is the Game Industry

Last week’s tragic shooting at Virginia Tech University served to start another go-around on a number of issues including security, gun control and violence in entertainment. In a free society how c

iPhone != Newton?

CG reader Bruce sent us a note today pointing out an interesting aspect of the the iPhone decision. He writes: A lot is being said about the exclusive Cingular deal, no 3G, and the high price for a ph