The Mystery Of Lorem Ipsum

If you’ve spent any time around designers or the Internet, you’ll at least have a passing familiarity with a chunk of text so pervasive online that it’s almost invisible. Called Gree

Free XBLA codes [Update 2]

Listen up, XBLA fanatics. I’ve got codes for Mutant Storm Empire and Word Puzzle. Don’t ask me what the codes do because I have no idea, but I have them and now you, too, can have them. I&

Original Enigma Machine For Sale

Currently priced at a bit over $20,000, this real German Enigma machine is apparently in full working order and only needs “bulbs,” presumably for the internal display. The Enigma machine

Colored Barcodes Hitting DVDs And Video Games

Don’t worry, your precious UPC code isn’t going anywhere. You’ll still be able to clip out coupons from the Sunday circular. This new color-based barcoding system developed by Micros