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Code Literacy Doesn’t Need To Come At The Expense Of Other Skills

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5 Ways To Learn Code From The Comfort Of Your Own Browser

One of the big trends of the past couple years, spurred the growing demand for programmers, is the rise of in-browser programming tutorials. Gone are the days when you'd have to buy a book and configu

Y Combinator Alum MakeGamesWithUs Wants To Turn High School Kids Into iPhone Game Developers

<a target="_blank" href="">MakeGamesWithUs</a> is a new iOS game publishing company with a twist: its focus is on helping high school and college students to build games. MakeG

Codecademy Hires Program or Be Programmed Author Douglas Rushkoff to Promote Code Literacy

<em>Program or Be Programmed</em> author, CNN columnist and Frontline documentary director Douglas Rushkoff <a target="_blank" href="