Codacy nabs $15M to improve code reviews with automation

Code review is a key step during the software development process — it’s when people check a program by viewing and reading parts of the source code. But despite its importance, not all de

Codacy, a platform that helps developers check the quality of their code, raises $5.1M

<a target="_blank" href="">Codacy</a>, a startup based in Lisbon, Portugal that offers what it calls an "automated code review platform," has raised $5.1 million in Series A fund

Codacy Raises $1.1M To Kill Off Unnecessary Code Reviews

Developers spend a lot of time reviewing code (between 20%-50%), even today, when code reviewing can in fact be automated much of the time. Code reviews are described as “technical debt” and s

Lisbon’s Codacy Wins The Web Summit Pitch Competition

Dublin’s Web Summit has accelerated into SXSW territory this year, scaling to over 22,000 attendees. Unlike other tech conferences, which put the startups centre stage, Web Summit has gone for scale