• Coastermatic Turns Your Instagram Pictures Into Coasters

    Coastermatic Turns Your Instagram Pictures Into Coasters

    Clara walked into my office at half past six. My office was closed but that didn’t stop her from sweet-talking the doorman. She was the kind of girl who could sell ice to eskimos. I poured a stiff drink for myself and another for myself. She took one of them. “I assume you have them? The pictures of her and my husband?” she asked. “You know what happens when we… Read More

  • Disclaimer: These are coasters not wormholes to other worlds

    I have a confession: I love me some Stargate. It’s my guilty pleasure. Star Trek is okay, Star Wars will always be a classic, I never got into BSG, but I can tell you almost anything about the Stargate universe. Now, I’m going to buy these coasters, but you have my word that they will never be used in public. I promise. [$29.99 @┬áThink Geek via Gearfuse] Read More