• Razer announces Chimaera gaming headset for Xbox360

    Thankfully, Razer is finally getting into the console market. In addition to the Onza controller we told you about yesterday, Razer is also launching a wireless gaming headset to use with your Xbox 360. Read More

  • We're live with the creator of Gran Turismo

    Check out the live stream, Devin is interviewing the creator of the Gran Turismo series. He’s photorealistc, and I hear that he’ll show damage just like a real person in this version! (edit: it’s over; we’ll get the HD video up shortly, but you can watch the interview if you skip ahead in the video player) Read More

  • SteelSeries announces StarCraft 2 keyset, March of the Scourge mouse pad

    SteelSeries continues to work that IP license with Blizzard by announcing two new products aimed directly at gamers: a Zboard StarCraft 2 keyset, and a World of Warcraft: March of the Scourge mouse pad. Read More

  • NSFW: Hands On with the SaSi Tongue Simulator Vibrator

    The newest trend in sex technology are sex toys that simulate the real thing, and the SaSi Vibrator is no exception. This vibrator simulates oral sex with a nubby ball that rolls in different shapes, directions, simulating a real tounge or fingertip. The best part? You can easily change the pattern and even “dislike” a certain movement, that the SaSi will be less likely to repeat… Read More

  • Accessory turns iPhone into a universal remote

    A company called New Kinetix is unveiling an attachment that turns your iPhone or Touch into a Universal Remote. Useful? Nah, since most of us don’t want to leave the iPhone lying around on the coffee table and then poke at it with Cheeto powdered hands while we watch Dr. Who. There a reason why standalone universal remotes exists. It’s because remotes get beaten up and broken. Read More

  • The Notion Ink Smartpad better be real

    Man alive. Look at this thing. It’s like an iPod Touch with hormonal issues. This is the Notion Ink Smartpad, a 10-inch tablet running an NVIDIA Tegra T20 chipset with 1080p video playback and Pixel QI display for outside viewing. Read More