• A Slightly Suggestive Ceramics Printing Rig

    The odd rig uses a Rapman rapid prototyping unit to squeeze wet ceramic into different shapes, creating oddly-shaped bowls that look like alien eggs. The creator, Jonathan Keep, uses just enough material to build one pot per run and he uses a compressor to squeeze the wet clay into a smooth, flat ribbon. Read More

  • Kyocera introduces 1,000 sheet-per-minute print head

    Here’s an interesting development: Kyocera is building a new KJ4 series print head that can print at 150 meters per minute at 600×600 dpi, which equates to about 1,000 sheets per minute. Check your box for your current printer’s speed and be amazed. The head should go into printers next month. Kyocera uses ceramic piezoelectronics to make this 4-inch head squirt out ink… Read More