• Nokia Buys Social Addressbook Startup Cellity For The Team

    German mobile startup Cellity is getting acquired by Nokia. The sale price was not disclosed, but it is not likely to be more than $10 million to $20 million. The deal was all cash. About a year ago, Vodafone bought Cellity’s competitor Zyb for 31.5 million Euros. Nokia didn’t actually buy the whole company, only “certain assets” and the team, which is usually code for… Read More

  • Cellity Puts Your Mobile Address Book On Steroids

    German startup Cellity has unveiled its enhanced address book (called Addressbook 2.0) for mobile phones, now available in a private beta. The J2ME application allows users to aggregate data from across their Email boxes, social networks, and standard address books into a single intuitive application, bringing the functionality of a smartphone to the hundreds of more basic phones that support… Read More