• Cellfish Media Buys Mobile App Publisher Airborne Mobile

    Cellfish Media, a major provider of mobile services and marketing solutions, this morning announced that it has acquired mobile app publisher Airborne Mobile. The newly formed Airborne Studios will combine Cellfish Media’s original-content publishing activities with Airborne Mobile’s distribution of branded mobile content and applications. According to the official statement, the… Read More

  • Cellfish sends videos to your phone, helps you slack off

    http://cellfish.com/static/swf/player8.swf?Id=241751 This looks like it’s easy to use. Plus, the video is both funny AND informative. It basically allows you to send videos to your phone via text message. Available videos are on Cellfish’s own web site but developers can play around with the API or use the "Add-to-Phone" widget to offer content from their own sites. You… Read More

  • Cellfish Provides Mobile Media Conversion With AddToPhone

    New York based Cellfish Media has launched a new service that delivers media to mobile phones, complete with on the fly conversion that provides access to most handsets.

    AddtoPhone works via an embeddable button; users click the button, add their cell number then AddtoPhone sends them a SMS message with a link to the content. The… Read More

  • Cellfish Media Launches Mobile Threat Channel

    There is a lot of music tunes and videos available for mobile devices, but much like in the 1980s when there were plenty of top 40 radio stations and few “alternatives,” the state of mobile music is all about the big hits. That has left those looking for something “harder” out in the cold. Metal heads and punk rockers rejoice! Cellfish, the mobile and Web… Read More

  • Cellfish Locker: For Multimedia, Not Tacos

    Those clever marketing wizards at cellfish.com may rue the day when they decided to have a pretty young girl pitch the site’s locker feature. Somewhere in this video clip, the young lady explains that the locker is where you store all your cellphone-based (or computer-based) multimedia for later retrieval. The site itself is still in beta, but there’s a bunch more videos starring… Read More