ceatec 2009

  • Virtual Mirror: augmented reality without glasses

    The Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute — the same Fraunhofer that holds many of the patents on MP3 — have a booth at CEATEC exhibiting some of their research efforts, shopping them around for potential licensees. Their Virtual Mirror display is, I think, a great example of augmented reality done right. It uses a camera, a display, and their special software to dynamically alter… Read More

  • Secure your data with encrypted USB drives

    USB media represents a double-edged sword: on the one hand, data portability is an extremely useful thing; but on the other hand, data portability can be a gigantic liability for your business operations. You can try to train your users not to put sensitive data on USB drives, but chances are that convenience will win out over security, and your data will slip out on USB media anyway. And… Read More

  • Tagged World Project uses RFID to evaluate "living willingness"

    One of the more interesting booths at CEATEC is that of the Tagged World Project. It aims to deploy many RFID tags around an elderly person’s domicile, and then equip their slippers (or other house clothes) with RFID readers that will read the tags in its proximity. Then a variety of analyses can be performed on the data collected to determine, ostensibly, how healthy and active an… Read More

  • TransferJet demo at Sony's CEATEC booth

    John mentioned TransferJet briefly during the Toshiba press conference at IFA in September. It’s a wireless data transfer system. It’s different from Bluetooth in that there’s no pairing required. It’s also extremely limited in range — like, two inches or less — so there’s less need to worry about someone sending pr0n to your mom’s… Read More

  • Hitachi TV watches YOU!

    How much energy do you think is wasted every day powering devices that aren’t actually being used? I’m not talking about stand-by power consumption, but actually on-and-in-use without a user there. I know a lot of people who turn their TVs on just as “background noise”, without ever actually looking at the screen. Hitachi’s cooking up a system to place TVs in… Read More

  • Panasonic unveils Lithium-Ion battery module and home fuel cell cogeneration facility

    Panasonic has on display at CEATEC a “1.5 kWh battery module [made] from 18650-type (18 mm in diameter x 65 mm in length) lithium-ion battery cells, which are widely used in laptop computers, to provide energy storage solutions for a wide range of environmentally friendly energy technologies.” String a couple of these suckers together to store the juice collected from the solar… Read More

  • Live demo of Toshiba voice translation software

    Boy howdy could I use this thing at CEATEC today. Running on a Windows Mobile handheld, Toshiba has a real-time voice translation demonstration. It worked quite well. How much longer until we get the Star Trek universal translators? Video inside! Read More

  • Sony Flexible OLED display on display at CEATEC

    Sony, and just about everyone else, has been fooling around with OLEDs for quite some time, and they’re starting to come up with some pretty clever applications of the technology. Flexible OLEDs have been in the news this year, and Sony’s getting into that game, too. In this short video we see a 0.2mm thin OLED display being gently bent back and forth, while actively showing content… Read More

  • Photo dialing, solar cellphones, and newspapers on TV: only in Japan

    Sharp has on display a number of fun new gadgets at CEATEC. As is all too often the case, these things are for Japanese release only (at least for now). Maybe we’ll see them in a couple years. Read on for details on a dial-by-photo phone, newspapers on TV, solar-charging cell phones, and the Sharp Netwalker! Read More

  • CEATEC: ALPS sends data through the human electric field

    ALPS, the folks that mainstreamed the touchpad way back in the day, are continuing to innovate. Now they’re playing with electric field transmissions, which allows the human body to act as a communication medium. Video inside! Read More

  • CEATEC: 3D B-Vision offers new twist on 3D imagery

    All the big players are here at CEATEC showing off their latest iteration of 3D televisions. They’re bright, and colorful, and pretty, and impressive. And it looks like they all require the use of special viewing glasses. Come on, guys, I saw this stuff last year at IFA: have you really made no substantial progress on easy-to-watch 3D displays? I almost walked past the Holoart booth… Read More

  • Augmented Reality example at CEATEC

    Augmented reality is all the new buzz, I guess. I don’t know, because I only have an iPhone 3G — mine’s missing that important “S” indicating it’s the new model on which augmented reality can actually execute. But at CEATEC today I saw some Sekai Camera examples in the real world. My experience wasn’t entirely positive: find out why. Read More

  • CEATEC: Hands on with Wink Glasses

    Matt wrote about Wink Glasses a couple of months ago. He was skeptical of their value. I found them on display at CEATEC 2009, and just had to try them out! In the photo above, you can see them in the “active” state, helpfully reminding me that it’s time to blink. Click on through for a thrilling video of Wink Glasses in action! HOT! Read More

  • Sony presents professional 3D camera that shoots video at 240fps

    Sony seems to put a lot of emphasis on 3D, as far as the future direction of their TV and optical media divisions is concerned. The company has now shown a first picture of a powerful 3D camera for professional use [JP] that will be presented to the general public during next week’s CEATEC 2009 electronics exhibition in Japan. Read More

  • Eporo: Nissan develops robots that can rove in packs

    Nissan announced Thursday [press release in English] that it has developed robots that are able to move in a group without colliding into each other. Much like a school of fish, the so-called Eporo can also avoid obstacles standing in their way safely. Nissan claims this is the first time the world sees robots that are able to show group behavior. Read More

  • Ryoma/M-LinX=Digital TV tuner+BD+DVD recorder+HDD recorder+AM/FM tuner

    JVC Kenwood made a pretty interesting announcement today [JP]. Their Ryoma is basically an HD digital TV tuner, BD/DVD recorder, AM/FM tuner and HDD recorder rolled into one. The bad news is you have to connect it with another device called M-LinX (the smaller one in the picture on the left) to access the radio functionality. Read More