Case Mod

The Acrylic Cowboy is better than your computer case

The ultimate Wall-E case mod

Seriously. This case is insane. Like crazy russian insane. Why in the world would someone take all that time and material to build a solid metal Wall-E computer case?

Unboxing: Lian Li PC-XB01 Xbox 360 cooling case

. Making the long journey all the way from Taiwan is the Lian Li PC-XB01 I’m not sacrificing my Elite to try this puppy out, but John Biggs has volunteered his! I mean, it’s not like he can even g

Mac SE becomes toilet paper roll holder

[photopress:dispenser_6.jpg,full,center] Usually a computer case mod takes the case of a functioning computer and makes it more interesting. This is the opposite, taking the case of a surplus computer

Ben Heck turns Xbox 360 into laptop, again

Ben Heck can mod like a mofo, but is he a one trick pony? Don’t get me wrong. I was thoroughly impressed by his modded Xbox 360 laptop last year, but transforming an Elite into a laptop, again,

Digg PC: The Ultimate Fanboy Case Mod

We know you love finding great tech news and reading insightful comments on the web, so we can venture a guess you’re already familiar with Digg. If you wanted to show your appreciation for Kevi

Mac Found In Temple Ruins Of The East

OK, so maybe these two little gems weren’t found in ruins, but they might as well have seeing as how Mac case mods as extravagant as this one aren’t seen too often. While I was venturing t