• Hide your drugs in this high tech medicine cabinet

    Designer Robern created what has to be the coolest medicine cabinet I’ve ever seen. Concealing all of your personal items behind a motorized sliding mirror, it seems like this is the most effective way to hide your medication during that next drunken party. Read More

  • Kick your Guitar Hero experience up a notch

    I may be against DIYers bringing LEDs and PCBs to airports, but I certainly don’t oppose case-mods of this nature! Apparently some crafty guitar player had an extra Marshall full-stack lying around, so he gutted it, threw a TV into the top and basically created an arcade version of the game. Inside the bottom 4×12 speaker cabinet is a speaker and a PS2 to power the game. But… Read More

  • Give Your Consoles The Housing They Deserve

    Currently, my home theater and gaming setup consists of all my consoles (10 of them) spread apart on my apartment floor. Behind them, you’ll find more wires than you can wave a stick at (and plenty to start a fire with). If I could go out and spend a few hundred bucks on a cabinet similar to the one pictured above, I instantly would. This is actually a regular cabinet that was modded… Read More