• New C-SPAN Sites Get Way Unboring With YouTube, Twitter, Qik, Flash…

    I’m willing to stand up and say it. C-SPAN, which is dedicated to airing non-stop coverage of government proceedings and public affairs programming, is the one channel that we all skip past as fast as possible on those rare occasions that we actually flip the channels on un-Tivo’d television. If not for The Onion making fun of it all the time, I’d forget it existed. If CSPAN… Read More

  • C-SPAN To Launch User Video Site

    Public interest TV station C-SPAN and online media storage provider StreamLoad have announced that the two companies will collaborate on a new user submitted video site set to launch later this month and called ViewFinder. The ViewFinder site is already online, though it’s clearly not ready for launch (I just guessed the URL correctly after seeing the press release). Everyone wants in… Read More