• Video: Bridgestone Showcases Airless Tire

    Video: Bridgestone Showcases Airless Tire

    It’s not the first of its kind (Michelin already showed a prototype), but it looks like the airless tire Bridgestone has developed is the most advanced we’ve seen so far. The Japanese company’s main goal here is to do away with the risk of flats. The tire has a diameter of 25 centimeters, uses thermoplastic resin instead of air to support the weight of a car and has been… Read More

  • Video: Bridgestone’s Flexible (And Pretty Cool) E-Paper "AeroBee"

    In April last year, we’ve shown you a prototype of the the QR-LPD (Quick Response Liquid Power Display), a flexible e-paper developed by Japanese tire maker Bridgestone. Fast forward to April 2011, and it turns out the company has not only rebranded the e-paper to “AeroBee” but also used the time to improve the technology. Read More

  • QR-LPD: Bridgestone's flexible e-paper (video)

    Even though it’s not an electronics company, Bridgestone (the tire maker) is one of a handful Japanese firms that has been experimenting with e-paper in recent years. Last October, Bridgestone claimed the bragging rights for the world’s first flexible e-book reader. And a few days ago, the company showcased the newest version of their e-paper, now named QR-LPD (Quick Response… Read More

  • Tire maker Bridgestone shows world's first flexible e-book reader

    Tire maker Bridgestone isn’t the first company that comes to mind when thinking about electronic paper, but the company has been experimenting in this field for quite some time now. Today, Bridgestone claimed that it has developed the world’s first flexible e-book reader [JP]. The device, which is pictured above, uses electronic paper (instead of, say, an LCD) and will display… Read More

  • Vegas E.A.: Bridgestone develops new electric bike

    There are more and more electric bikes coming out of Japan in the last few months. Bridgestone Cycle, which is based out of Tokyo (yes, the tire company), has developed a new model [JP] that’s boasts an assisted travel range of up to 30km with a single charge. Bridgestone claims this is 30% more than what their previous electric bike reached. Read More