Video: Bridgestone Showcases Airless Tire

It's not the first of its kind (Michelin already showed a prototype), but it looks like the airless tire <a href="">Bridgestone</a> has developed is the most advanced we

Video: Bridgestone’s Flexible (And Pretty Cool) E-Paper "AeroBee"

<img src="" /> In April last year, we've shown you a <a href="

QR-LPD: Bridgestone's flexible e-paper (video)

<img src="" /> Even though it's not an electronics company, <a href="">Bridgestone</a> (the tire maker

Tire maker Bridgestone shows world's first flexible e-book reader

<img src="" /> Tire maker Bridgestone isn't the first company that comes to mind when thinking about electronic pa

Vegas E.A.: Bridgestone develops new electric bike

<img src="" /> <a href="">There are more and more electric bikes</a> coming