• Bremont C17 Globemaster Watch For Military Pilots Only

    Here is a nice new piece from Bremont that you can’t get – at least not now. That isn’t to say the watch isn’t ready (because it is), but rather that you need to be among a select group of “pre-selected” military personnel to get one. The pieces will be highly limited as well. Each Bremont C17 Globemaster will be limited to just 50 pieces, and it comes in a… Read More

  • Bremont Mustang P-51 Watch

    The dial of the Mustang P-51 watch feels about as busy as it needs to be to support the themed. It is also a highly useful dial with some neat features. Powering the watch is a modified Bremont “BE-54AE” automatic movement. This is essentially a highly modified Valjoux 7750 with a GMT module. The movement has further been COSC Chronometer certified. Bremont placed a centrally… Read More

  • Bremont Supermarine 500 Watch Review

    It was love at first sight with the Supermarine 500. That doesn’t happen too often with watches. It wasn’t the first watch I loved, and it won’t be the last, but this timepiece certainly has a place in my heart. Read More

  • Bremont U-2 watch review

    ABlogToRead has another in-depth review of one of our favorite watches, the Bremont U2. The watch is styled after the instrumentation of the U-2 spy plane and includes a specially protected movement inside a special material that allows the watch to survive – get this – a freaking cockpit ejection at full Gs. There is even another little treat for those in the know: Like the… Read More