How-to: Automatic Coffee Maker

Every morning, I need at least a couple cups of hot, black coffee. Normally I’d insert some joke about how my tastes in coffee and my women are similar, but I’m waiting for it to cool off

This Toaster Is So Metal, It Has A Skull AND Crossbones

When I first saw this device, I was utterly convinced that blood and drop D tuning must pour out of it on an “as-needed” basis. Then I realized that it was just a toaster and proceeded to

Morning Multitasking: Poach and Toast Your Breakfast

. The idea of combining the cooking gear needed to make the morning meal into gadgets is a great one. The kitchen is one spot where gadgets aren’t for the geeks, but for the avearage Joe. The Eg

CrunchGear, Zune Contest Winners Hit The Seattle Zune Launch Party

When you win a CrunchGear contest, you get treated right. We went with our two winners Hana and Alka to breakfast with the Secret Machines, Cesar from Zune Insider and a host of other media-types (and

The Elite Cuisine Multi-Function 3-in-1 Breakfast Center

I’m a bachelor. I have been now for 30 years. As such, I’ve learned to use my kitchen to best afford me single portions. I don’t shop at Costco, I don’t need a gallon of mayonn