• Gevo, A Branson-Backed Biofuels Maker, Goes Public And Nets $95.7 Million

    A Richard Branson- and Khosla Ventures-backed biofuels and biochemicals maker, Gevo, raised $107 million, netting an estimated $95.7 million after expenses and underwriting discounts, in an initial public offering yesterday. The company’s technology and chemical processes use yeast biocatalysts to make isobutanol from sugar. Gevo’s biofuels and biochemicals will offer an alternative… Read More

  • Virgin Galactic shows off first commercial starship

    Check out the latest on SpaceShipTwo, the first commercial option for spaceflight. It’s not going to be cheap to fly, but damn that spaceship looks sexy. Read More

  • Video: Sir Richard Branson in drag – oh, and Virgin America lands in Boston

    Doug Aamoth reporting from Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts. Today in the B terminal I saw some good-looking New England Patriots cheerleaders, a good-looking Maria Menounos, and then everything went all haywire when two guys in bumblebee tutus showed up followed by Richard Branson dressed like a patriotic psychiatrist’s wet dream. Read More

  • Branson to marry couple in space

    I’m likely never going to get married, but if I ever do, I want to do as this couple is, in space. Branson’s launching Virgin Galactic next year as the world’s first space tourism company, this much is known. But now he’s announced that on Galactic’s first flight, he’ll be personally officiating a wedding, the first ever human wedding off of Earth. Now… Read More

  • Virgin 747 to go from London to Amsterdam on biofuel

      Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic airline will conduct a test flight at the end of the month wherein a Boeing 747 will fly from London to Amsterdam using an 80/20 blend of conventional fuel and biofuel, respectively. The plane will carry no passengers but will be “the first time a commercial aircraft has flown on biofuel,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Read More