• Boot Linux in the blink of an eye

    I’m not overly fussy about how long it takes my computer to boot. Some people are. Some people also trainspot. Whatever. Anyway, there’s been a lot of hooplah about making Linux boot faster and faster. (Aside: this is one of the benefits of an open system like Linux: you can twiddle the plumbing to do exactly this sort of thing!) I’ve heard people boast about booting from a… Read More

  • Help Key: Fix an iPhone caught in a bad reboot cycle or that won't boot

    This has come up a few times in the past couple days with folks trying to install pwned and failing. What happens is that the firmware doesn’t flash correctly and you have an iPhone or Touch caught in a horrible boot cycle that consistently fails. Sometimes it draws junk on the screen, which is basically the kernel trying to start and then failing and retrying. These instructions are… Read More