Boombotix Raises $4M For Its Wearable Action Speakers And Audio Sync Software

Kickstarter funding will often lead to the more traditional kind, and in the case of Boombotix, that’s exactly what happened. The California startup raised $17,000 for its music syncing app, whi

Boombot Rex Makes Good On Kickstarter Promises With Durable, Siri-Friendly Bluetooth Speaker

Sometimes I refer to Kickstarter as the "land of broken dreams," especially when I'm looking through my backer history and noting how few projects actually delivered, and how disappointing were most o

Boombot Rex, A Durable, Affordable Bluetooth Speaker For The Adventurous Crowd Hits Kickstarter

There are plenty of Bluetooth speakers to choose from, which is exactly why I asked Boombotix co-founders Lief Storer and Chris McKleroy what made them think the market needed another one. But Boombot