blue ray

  • Pioneer outs the first 12x Blu-ray writer

    Behold, the Pioneer BDR-205! Thrill to the 12x write speeds on double layer Blu-ray media! Marvel at the 50Gbytes of storage capacity! Be amazed by the low, low price of $250 United States dollars! Click on through to read the entire exciting press release! Read More

  • State of Blu-ray's union via Future Source Consulting

    The format war is done. HD DVD lost, Blu-ray own, I was wrong and the world continued on. So where is Blu-ray now? ABI Research sayz not so good, but that was just one groups opinion and you know what they say about opinions…something about everyone’s got ’em and they are kind of like something else…digressing.  Future Source analyzes this type of stuff, and according… Read More