• Get Blown On Facebook

    What is it with college kids and online video challenges? There are plenty of startups catering to this strange video niche/fetish. IBeatYou and Strutta (read our review) have dedicated their entire Websites to this activity. And now Blowtorch Entertainment, the independent movie studio that raised $50 million last November, is getting in on the action with a Facebook app called Blown (and… Read More

  • Blowtorch Raises $50 Million to Launch a New Hollywood Studio

    Kelly Rodriques and Paul Schiff are creating a new Hollywood studio from scratch called Blowtorch Entertainment. The company is just launching with a $50 million investment from Ignition Partners, Hollywood individuals, and at least one (unnamed) hedge fund. Rodriques was a partner at Ignition, and before that a digital ad executive. Schiff is the Hollywood producer behind Rushmore, My… Read More