bling nation

  • Bling Nation Adds A Paypal Option To Cell Phone Payments

    Startup Bling Nation has landed a pretty major deal with PayPal, we’ve learned. Bling Nation’s payment systems addresses physical goods in merchant stores and will now allow consumers to use their payment chips to deduct funds from a PayPal account. Here’s how Bling Nation works. The startup partners with banks, who then offer the consumers who use their services a Bling… Read More

  • Bling Nation Raises $20 Million For Cell Phone Payment System

    What recession? Startup Bling Nation just raised $20 million in Series B funding from Balderton Capital for a new cell phone payment system. This brings the startup’s total funding to $33 million since its launch in 2007. Bling Nation’s ambitions are to establish a revolutionary and comprehensive payments system for physical goods. Here’s how it works. The company partners… Read More