Launched with $17 million by two former Norwest investors, Tau Ventures is ready for its closeup

Amit Garg and Sanjay Rao have spent the bulk of their professional lives developing technology, founding startups and investing in startups at places like Google and Microsoft, HealthIQ, and Norwest V

Hire faster, work happier: Startups target employment with AI and engagement tools

There’s a good chance you reached out to your employer and interviewed with other humans to get your job. But if some startups have their way, your next employment experience could be quite differen

BioBeats raises $2.28M for its platform to replace human stress therapists

BioBeats takes the data from wearables that monitor the health of employees and patients and puts it into a biometric machine-learning platform that delivers insights to healthcare providers or employ

BioBeats Raises Celebrity Seed Funding To Turn Quantified Self Data Into Therapeutic Music

Nadeem Kassam worked in entertainment before founding health-tracking wristwatch maker Basis Science. Now he's combining the industries with BioBeats, a startup that converts your vital signs into cus