• Hold your Bad Idea Jeans up with this Playboy spy camera belt

    Free dating tip: If the girl you’re talking to isn’t impressed by your Playboy belt, make sure to mention that it’s got a built-in spy camera capable of recording DVD-resolution video footage. If that doesn’t work, then clearly she’ll never be impressed by anything. Time to move on. Read More

  • Blue Screen of Death available in belt form

    Behold the Blue Screen of Death belt! Is the Blue Screen of Death still hysterically funny to everybody? Whatever the case, it looks like BSOD humor hasn’t completely faded out yet even though critical system errors seem to be less and less common nowadays. Read More

  • IsABelt By Any Other Name Still a Belt?

    About eight years ago I adopted a little ritual before I travelled, swapping out my metal buckled belt with a piece of strapping from an old backpack. This black belt has served me well through the years but there might be a new belt on my radar. Read more… Read More