The Beat Thang Music Production System.

<img src=""> Remember when using z's on the end of plural words instead of s's was edgy and revolutionary? Well, apparently no

Samsung brings the Beat with two new music phones

Samsung pushed out two new music phones this morning. Continuing the name-followed-by-superscript branding idea that began with the Soulb, they’ve dubbed the new handsets Beatb and Beats. Much o

T-Mobile Samsung Beat review, can you do better?

What can be said about the Samsung Beat that I didn’t already cover? It’s a tiny music-centric phone (aren’t all phones music-centric these days unless it’s a smart phone?) and as far as those

T-Mobile Samsung Beat, first hands-on

Today marks the official unveiling of the Samsung Beat (SGH-t539) on the T-mobile network. The Beat is a pint-sized flip phone dressed in a black shell with a silver keypad and lime green accents. The