• Voddler, the Spotify-for-movies, partners with Paramount and Disney

    [Sweden] Voddler, the Stockholm-based online video offering that’s being described as “Spotify for movies”, has signed content partnerships with Paramount and Disney. A deal with Sony Pictures is also said to be eminent. Voddler, Inc., the company behind the new service, was formed back in 2005 and has offices in Stockholm, Palo Alto, and Beijing. It’s thought to have… Read More

  • More Competition For IPTV: HP Launching Next.TV

    Hewlett Packard has announced a deal to ship a P2P IPTV system with their notbooks (notably the Presario and Pavillion models) beginning in late September. It will also be available as a system update for exiting HP Vista computers. The system is called and powered by Dave Networks, a white label IPTV provider. For the launch, will feature content from CBS, Freemantle, and Endemol. Read More

  • Joost v. Babelgum

    Babelgum has pushed itself public yesterday. On the surface it looks very similar to its more famous competitor, Joost. Both are P2P IPTV applications that let you flip through channels and shows streamed to your computer. Both are backed by deep pockets and big names. In Joost’s corner, Skype and Kazaa veterans Niklas Zenstrom and Janus Friis with $45 million in financing. Babelgum… Read More

  • Babelgum Basically Just Launched

    Babelgum, the Joost-like TVIP startup, effectively just launched to the public. Click on this link, which takes you to a press download page, and request an invite. The company has played second fiddle to Joost since it was announced second and it doesn’t have the benefit of being started by Skype’s famous co-founders. The link above takes you to a press invitation page, but it… Read More