Vuze/Azureus being pushed out on prominent BitTorrent sites

<img src="" />There's a bit of a controversy in the BitTorrent community, friends. Two rather prominent, so-called private trackers, who

Vuze: BitTorrent With a Friendly Legal Face

Vuze is a BitTorrent based content distribution platform that competes in the ever growing TV over internet market. Vuze comes from BitTorrent application provider Azureus and is built on the Azureus

2TB RAID Array From Other World Computing: Enough Space For You?

People who leave Azureus running all day long could benefit from this 2TB RAID array from Other World Computing, said to be the Largest Ever. It’s got a regal-sounding name, the OWC Mercury Elit

First Big Partner for Zudeo: BBC

Zudeo, the new “100% legal” content sharing site launched by popular BitTorrent company Azureus two weeks ago, just nailed a distribution deal with the BBC. That just took them from a theo

Azureus Launches Zudeo For Finding And Sharing Video

Azureus will launch Zudeo Monday morning, a content indexing site for finding and sharing large video files. The company told TechCrunch on Friday that they would be partnering with 20 major TV and fi