• Audi A8 super saloon getting factory-installed HSDPA hotspot

    The Audi A8 is already a nerd’s wet dream with more gadgets and technology than any baby boomer can handle. But Audi wasn’t done with the available option lists, though. Now buyers can order an HSDPA hotspot modem directly from the factory. Unlike other options — like Autonet — this system is polished and seemingly beautifully integrated into the vehicle. This is… Read More

  • Ford's SYNC might change the way we use Internet in our cars

    Ford is set to announce the next version of SYNC at CES this year, but an interesting feature leaked early. Apparently SYNC 3.0 will play nicely with USB modems and turn the car into a rolling Wi-Fi hotspot. The official announced hasn’t been release just yet so keep in mind a key detail my be missing, but so far we like it. This solution is dramatically more versatile and… Read More

  • GM to offer in-car wi-fi access starting next year

    Taking wi-fi hotspots to the extreme, GM has announced that certain models of their vehicles will feature Autonet, a mobile wi-fi solution built into your car and designed to provide you internet access no matter where you are. It’s only going in certain models, but you can probably get one for that old Monte Carlo if you really want to. Read More