We need a New Deal to address the economic risks of automation

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has a surprisingly naive take on the issue of AI and robots replacing human jobs. He said that human obsolescence is “not even on our radar screen... 50-100 more ye

Artificial Intelligence, Legal Responsibility And Civil Rights

I have been a huge science fiction fan as long as I can remember, and a recurring theme in both science fiction literature and movies is the creation of artificial intelligence. However, the subject i

The Rise Of The Gig Worker In The Sharing Economy

I’ve ridden in the backseat of many Uber drivers’ cars. Sometimes we exchange lively banter, other times we sit silently as I check email on my phone. There is not one driver that stands out, but

CES 2015: The Automaton Rolls On

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show was typical in one key regard: The best insights to be had at the event are those that appear when you look at its overall composition, rather than at any s

Amazing Writing Automaton from 1772

You can have your Legos, Asimos, and Transformers. I’ll take this 100% analog scripting automaton called the Writer. This little ragamuffin was completed in 1772, and its movements are based on