• NewsGator Gets $12 Million

    Makers of the desktop RSS reader, NewsGator, have raised a $12 million led by a new investor, Vista Ventures, and supported by existing investors Mobius, Venture Capital, and Masthead Venture Partners. This brings the total raised by NewsGator to $30 million over three rounds. Their RSS reader has been a personal favorite of the TechCrunch team. I use it over Google reader, which can lag… Read More

  • Attensa Releases New Version of Its Feed Server

    Enterprise RSS vendor Attensa released a new iteration of its attention-data focused RSS service this morning.  The race to see which enterprise RSS vendor can figure out how to drag the business world kicking and screaming into using a technology (RSS) that seems undeniably good for it continues.   New in version 1.1 of Attensa’s enterprise feed server are the following… Read More

  • Attensa 2.0 reads feeds and multimedia in Outlook, for free

    Enterprise RSS and Attention company Attensa has released version 2.0 of their plug-in for Outlook and there are a number of notable changes that have been made. Most important, Attensa 2.0 is free. The company has moved to a strategy to sell customer support subscriptions and seed organizations with their product until a critical mass is met to offer their Enterprise Feed Server. I… Read More

  • Attensa offers two rich enterprise RSS products

    Enterprise RSS vendor Attensa has released two new products this summer and I was able to take a look at both last week. The company now offers Attensa for Outlook version 1.5 beta and an Attensa Feedserver. Attensa Online, a consumer product we’ve written about in the past, has been deprioritized in favor of an enterprise focus. Attensa was one of the 12 highlighted innovators at… Read More

  • The Supernova 12

    Over 100 startups applied to present their companies at the TechCrunch-sponsored Connected Innovators program at the Supernova conference last week. Twelve were selected and had a chance to launch their new products to an audience of hundreds. I drafted some real-time notes of the products demo’d and launched at event at CrunchNotes, and my more complete notes are below.
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  • The State of Online Feed Readers

    Syndication is undoubtedly the heartbeat of the web 2.0 movement. A feed reader, the most common solution to consuming synidcated content, saves the user time by monitoring countless sites and sources and providing near real-time updates to one location. There are a number of different types of readers: web-based, desktop, Outlook based, etc… This post is focused solely on web-based… Read More

  • Attensa Rolls Out of Beta

    Attensa (previous profiles here) is announcing a bunch of product upgrades and releases tomorrow. The most important are the removal of the beta status from their Outlook and Online RSS readers. Both products are at 1.0 status as of tomorrow morning. Both readers have fairly advanced features. Attensa Online 1.0, which is Ajax driven, has been criticized during its beta period for not… Read More

  • Attensa Announces Financing

    Attensa will announce its second round of financing today (Monday). The round is being financed by RSS Investors, the venture capital fund announced in June 2005 by Jim Moore, John Palfrey and Richard Fishman. Attensa has previously raised capital from Craig Barnes (co-founder and CEO) SmartForest Ventures of Portland, Oregon, 2nd Avenue Partners of Seattle and angel investors. This is… Read More

  • Attensa Adds Tagging

    Attensa, which we profiled on August 29, 2005, has released v. 99 of its feed reader for Outlook. The main new feature in the release is support for tagging of feeds, blogs and posts: We’ve integrated an incredibly easy way to tag articles and feeds using the Attensa Toolbar for Internet Explorer. Tags are simply keywords you add to add context to RSS feeds, articles, Web pages… Read More

  • Attensa – The Smart RSS Reader

    Company: Attensa
    Launched: June 2005
    Employees: 8
    Status: Funded by SmartForest Ventures and 2nd Avenue Partners
    Location: Portland, OR Overview Attensa is a world class RSS reader that is attacking the multi-platform syncronization problem (I’ll explain that) and is also looking very seriously at the attention issue from a unique perspective (a good thing). Attensa launched their… Read More