Taiwanese startup Deep01 raises $2.7 million for its AI-based medical imaging software

Deep01, a Taiwanese startup that develops software to help doctors interpret CT brain scans more quickly, announced today that it has raised $2.7 million. The funding was led by PC maker ASUSTek. Deep

Here Come The MacBook Air Clones! Asus Set To Announce 5+ Ultrabooks

The day of the Ultrabook is nearly upon us and per Asustek chairman, Jonney Shih, the PC maker has five to six models on the bill for an October release. Prices are said to start out $899 but also rea

Asus Eee Pad coming in July

<img src="" />We're about to see another manufacturer throw their hat into the Tablet PC ring. ASUS is expected to show out their Ee

Headline: Asustek thinking about maybe making an ebook reader

Asustek president Jerry Shen said that he’s thinking about making an ereader. MSI is also thinking about it. In related news, I’m also thinking about making an ereader as is my Uncle Jerzy

In China: Acer, Lenovo and Asustek voluntarily ship PCs with filtering software

<img src="" /> <a href="">Green Dam</a>, a filtering software that's supposed to pr

Asus merging EEE PC and netbook divisions: Who's next?

<img src=""> First, the <a HREF="">"news"</a>: Digitimes is reporting that

'iPhone-like products' coming sometime next year

Here’s what’s coming out of Taiwan. Asustek, BenQ, and a few other lesser-known brands are currently "developing iPhone-like products" and that the first out of the gate will lik

Asustek, Intel Team Up For $199 Laptop

Though the OLPC initiative currently going on is a very noble effort, its target is mostly developing and third-world countries where little to no technology exists. Intel and Asustek however, are loo

ASUSTeK Puts The Kibosh On Aura Concept

ASUSTeK wasn’t too happy about the Aura concept phone that was making the rounds a few weeks back and now it’s in writing. They’ve officially denied any Aura phone in concept or production by AS