• Here Come The MacBook Air Clones! Asus Set To Announce 5+ Ultrabooks

    Here Come The MacBook Air Clones! Asus Set To Announce 5+ Ultrabooks

    The day of the Ultrabook is nearly upon us and per Asustek chairman, Jonney Shih, the PC maker has five to six models on the bill for an October release. Prices are said to start out $899 but also reach $1,999. That’s notable higher than Intel’s target price of $999 and under. Still, if Intel has its way, ultrabooks will be the next big thing in PC notebooks. The ultra-thin… Read More

  • Asus Eee Pad coming in July

    We’re about to see another manufacturer throw their hat into the Tablet PC ring. ASUS is expected to show out their EeePad in June at Computex, with a July launch date. Of course, ASUS has a reputation for needing to push those launch dates out a little bit, so we’ll see if things go as planned. Read More

  • Headline: Asustek thinking about maybe making an ebook reader

    Asustek president Jerry Shen said that he’s thinking about making an ereader. MSI is also thinking about it. In related news, I’m also thinking about making an ereader as is my Uncle Jerzy from Rypin, Poland, although he is thinking of it in terms of creating a “magic book” because his experience with technology is fairly limited and he never finished high school. Read More

  • In China: Acer, Lenovo and Asustek voluntarily ship PCs with filtering software

    Green Dam, a filtering software that’s supposed to protect China’s population from harmful content (and can be called a piece of garbage on more than one level), seems to trigger anticipatory obedience (you could also call it business sense, I guess) within some PC companies. Even though the Chinese government postponed its plans to make the software mandatory with all PC shipments… Read More

  • Asus merging EEE PC and netbook divisions: Who's next?

    First, the “news”: Digitimes is reporting that Asustek is considering a merger of their PC and notebook – really netbook – divisions. This means the two divisions will work as one cohesive unit which means lots of people will probably get fired. Fair enough. Now what does this mean in the macro sense? Since the early 2000s, PC and laptop hardware has been converging. Read More

  • 'iPhone-like products' coming sometime next year

    Here’s what’s coming out of Taiwan. Asustek, BenQ, and a few other lesser-known brands are currently "developing iPhone-like products" and that the first out of the gate will likely be something from Asustek that’ll be available "as soon as the first half of 2008." The devices will run Windows Mobile and be marketed to business users with GPS and 3G… Read More

  • Asustek, Intel Team Up For $199 Laptop

    Though the OLPC initiative currently going on is a very noble effort, its target is mostly developing and third-world countries where little to no technology exists. Intel and Asustek however, are looking to bring an inexpensive laptop to schools, emerging markets, and people who are broke as a joke. Asustek will manufacture and sell the laptops under the Classmate PC line of notebooks… Read More

  • ASUSTeK Puts The Kibosh On Aura Concept

    ASUSTeK wasn’t too happy about the Aura concept phone that was making the rounds a few weeks back and now it’s in writing. They’ve officially denied any Aura phone in concept or production by ASUSTeK. The designs came from Hungarian design company Egy Studio. That’s too bad, it was pretty a cool design, maybe someone else will pick it up. It has come to our attention… Read More