archos 9

  • The iPad Alternatives — The 'Where Are They Now' Edition

    The iPad is the king of tablets and might hold that title for years to come. However, there are a ton of alternatives that we’ve featured over the last few months, mostly in these two posts (1 & 2) detailing the top 14. But since I ran those posts, a lot has changed and while some managed to make it to the market, others were delayed or scrapped entirely. It’s sad, really. Read More

  • The Archos 9 PC Tablet makes room for the Atom Z515 CPU

    Isn’t it grand when companies somewhat silently update their products with new hardware but keeps the previous price. That’s just what Archos did with the 9 PC Tablet. Overnight it went from the Intel Atom Z510 1.1GHz CPU to the Z515 1.2GHz Atom with Hyper-Threading and Intel Burst Performance Technology. It’s a nice little spec bump, actually. Read More

  • This Archos 9 tablet gives Win7 the finger, turns to Google Chrome OS

    Apparently someone took the very new Archos 9 tablet and installed the early build of Google Chrome OS on it. Here are the pros and cons from where I sit. Read More

  • Archos 9 tablet PC just now available for pre-order at $550

    Although previously targeted for launch on October 22nd with a price tag of $500, it looks like Archos’ 9-inch tablet is just now available for pre-order on the company’s web site and priced at $550. Read More

  • Archos 9 tablet due October 22 for $499

    Here’s a little more info on the Archos 9 Tablet. Apparently it’ll be available here in the US on October 22nd, the same day Windows 7 is available. The price tag is pretty aggressive at $499, too. Read More

  • Archos 9 is coming to America

    We first saw the Archos 9 two weeks ago and today we’ve learned that it’s coming to America. With an 8.9-inch touch-screen and a gaggle of other goodies it makes for a perfect Web browsing tablet. No word on price, but the Archos 9 is coming this fall. Read More

  • Video: Archos 9 tablet looks nice, may cost under $500 this fall

    Ooh la la, here’s video of the Archos 9, straight from a recent Archos event in Paris. The quick and dirty: about three hours battery life, Windows 7, 8.9-inch 1024×600 touchscreen, 80GB hard drive, 1.2 GHz Atom CPU, Bluetooth/Wi-Fi, kickstand, onscreen keyboard, and SIM card slot for HSDPA. Read More