Archive lands $15M as more clothing brands ‘get serious about resale’

After deploying peer-to-peer resale models, Archive created a warehouse management system for easier resale of inventory that was returned, damaged or exchanged online.

Quit Twitter better with these free tools that make archiving a breeze

It’s never a bad time to back up your data. But for Twitter users, it’s arguably more urgent than usual, what with the platform’s recent … unpredictability. Mass firings and resign

Archive back with fresh funding as it builds community marketing space

Its first products were a Shopify app that automatically detects, classifies and saves Instagram stories, and Archive Communities, which makes influencer marketing programmatic.

Archive aims to put clothing brands in control of their secondhand sales

The company’s resale technology builds customized marketplaces for brands to incorporate a secondhand component into their businesses.

Library of Congress will no longer archive all public tweets, citing longer character limits

The Library of Congress announced today that it will no longer add every public tweet to its archives, an ambitious project it launched seven years ago. It cited the much larger volume of tweets gener

Kippt, Pinboard Help Digg Users Find New Home For Old Data [Here’s How]

After Digg's long fall, <a href="">Betaworks acquired the site</a> in July and put its team in charge. Six weeks later, the new operat

Kodak photo archives to be shown in the U.K.

<img src="" />As you can well imagine, Kodak has one of the most complete archives tracking the evolution of photography