• AppHarbor Launches Its Azure Competitor In Europe

    AppHarbor Launches Its Azure Competitor In Europe

    Heroku was a hit with Ruby developers because it was an easy-to-use development platform. Others have tried to do the same with other languages such as PHP Fog, dotCloud. Then last year AppHarbor, a ‘Heroku for .NET’ out of Y Combinator launched. And today AppHarbor has extended its service to European developers. EU applications will still run on Amazon’s infrastructure… Read More

  • YC-Funded AppHarbor: A Heroku For .NET, Or "Azure Done Right"

    You may be noticing a trend: there are a lot of startups looking to mimic the easy-to-use development platform that made Heroku a hit with┬áRuby developers and offer a similar solution for use with other languages. In the last few weeks alone we’ve written about PHP Fog (which, as you’d guess, focuses on PHP) and dotCloud (which aims to support a variety of languages). And… Read More