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  • It’s not you, it’s the post-seed gap Crunch Network

    It’s not you, it’s the post-seed gap

    Record numbers of startups are failing to advance from their seed round to Series A. This glitch in the funding ecosystem is older than you may realize. Between 2009 and 2012, if 100 startups raised seed money, an average of just about 30 would secure a Series A, according to a study from Mattermark. For founders, those are rough odds — and they only get tougher over the most recent… Read More

  • About those Mexican sharks Crunch Network

    About those Mexican sharks

    You know entrepreneurship has gone mainstream when a local Shark Tank hits cable TV. I was approached by the Shark Tank production team in Mexico to recommend startups for the show. I sent some names of candidates that had not yet received institutional capital nor angel investment and could benefit from the exposure — at their own risk. As entrepreneurship and reality TV collide in… Read More

  • Asian Price Comparison Site Save 22 Gets Angel Round Of “Mid Six Figures”

    Asian Price Comparison Site Save 22 Gets Angel Round Of “Mid Six Figures”

    Singaporean price comparison startup Save 22 just got an investment of “mid six figures” in Singapore dollars, according to co-founder, Guyi Shen. S$500,000 translates to about US$400,000, as a reference. The three-year-old startup indexes prices of goods and displays a price comparison. Its mobile app also allows you to scan a barcode of a product with your phone, and it will… Read More

  • Why Angel Investors Don’t Make Money … And Advice For People Who Are Going To Become Angels Anyway

    Why Angel Investors Don’t Make Money … And Advice For People Who Are Going To Become Angels Anyway

    Editor’s note: Andy Rachleff is President and CEO of Wealthfront, an SEC-registered online financial advisor. He serves as a member of the board of trustees and vice chairman of the endowment investment committee for University of Pennsylvania and as a member of the faculty at Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he teaches courses on technology entrepreneurship. Prior to… Read More

  • RediLearning Closes $1.75 Million For Systems To Train Senior Care Workers

    RediLearning, a Florida startup that delivers continuing education coursework to nurses, therapists and other senior care health workers closed a $1.75 million round of funding from angel investors, SEC filings revealed today. The chief executive and co-founder of RediLearning, Michael Hemlepp said that the company would use its new found growth capital to “Create additional content… Read More

  • LouderVoice one to catch at Le Web 3.

    LeWeb 3 is nearly closed for registration but one company going is LouderVoice an Irish startup that has just launched its prototype alpha version today. “After a short delay, we had our prototype Alpha walkthrough today and it really is a humdinger. The current plan is to have the Beta of the prototype ready just before Le Web 3. If it is looking good and there is any interest, I may do… Read More

  • Money Mondays: ArtistsOnline

    Only one entry worth showing in this week’s Money Mondays this week… They say: “ArtistsOnline enables visual artists, illustrators, craft makers, photographers and the like to promote and sell their work. ArtistsOnline has two customers, firstly, artists wanting to promote and sell their artwork. There is a free account that will enable them to do this. There is also a… Read More

  • Money Mondays: deadline today

    Today is the second week for our Money Mondays Showcase. As outlined before, here’s the format.
    a) It is not a live, real world event (yet)
    b) We will publish your URL, a handful of relevant sentences we have picked out of your submission (no more than 300 words please) and your contact email address.
    c) This initiative is mainly for very ‘early’ companies with either a beta or… Read More